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Fan Fiction: Casey & Zeke // Partytime 2

As ever: not perfect - but I love doing it!

Title: Partytime 2 (  this one is the next part to "Partytime" )
Fandom: Casey / Zeke
Rating: G, maybe PG 13, I don't know
Disclaimer: of course, not mine!

They met often. Zeke actually didn't understand, but he enjoyed it to hang out with Casey. They liked watching DVDs, heard music and they could talk for hours.

Casey seemed to be different from the boy he knew from school. His blue eyes sparkled when he talked about the things he loved. And when he became furious, he jumped up and ran excitedly back and forth in the room. But most amazing was his laughter - Zeke loved it to make him laugh.

There was not a hell of a lot fun in his life. Of course, his parents cared for him, but they didn't really understand him and his feelings. And at school he was merely the geek, the loser - always ignored and bullied. One afternoon he came up to Zeke with a black eye. He had shrugged only, but Zeke knew enough about Gabe and his guys. They always bullied him. At this moment he decided to be a little more protective to Casey.

From now on he always was around him at lunchtime. He gave him a ride home after school. He knew, the others started to whisper behind his back, but it didn't matter. It felt right what he was doing.

But then - out of the blue - everything changed.

Casey was unusually tight-lipped on their way home. Zeke peered to him.

"What's wrong, Case?"

A long pause. Zeke frowned. Had he missed something? What had happened at school today? However, what then happened made him speechless.

It was just a fleetingly touch, but these were Casey's lips, pressed onto his. At the next moment he was alone in the GTO. Casey had jumped out of the car and had run away. Zeke stared after him bewildered.

"Fuck," he grunted.


Two weeks later he found him alone in theboy's room. Casey became pale as he saw Zeke coming in. He just wanted to slip out, but it was too late.

"Don't dare it, Casey," Zeke hissed.
"You will not run away again! Just tell me! Why the hell you have done this?"

Casey turned beet red now. He tried to say something, but he failed. At the end he shrugged helplessly.

"I don't know," he whispered.

He looked so lost that Zeke almost felt compassion with him. Almost! But he had to know.

"Wrong answer! And don't lie to me, okay!"

"Zeke, please ..."

But he knew, it would be useless. Zeke would never let him go out of this room, before he hadn't heard the truth. Casey closed his eyes and sighed.

"You were so nice to me all the time. And sometimes we were so damn close together. ... Oh Fuck!  I always wanted to do this, al least once, for over two years now," he blurted.

Zeke took a deep breath.
"Wait a moment! Does this mean, you are into guys?"

Casey blinked frantically.
"So what ?!," he screamed out.
"Yeah, I am gay! And now go and tell it all around! I'm a geek, I'm a loser and now I'm a fucking faggot ... Who cares?"

"Casey .... "

"It's so ridiculous, isn't it? Little fucking Connor and ..."


He winced, as Zeke suddenly bawled. All his fury was gone in this moment.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry, Zeke ... Zeke ?!?"

Zeke suddenly stood in front of him - all too near. Casey tried to back away, but there was the wall behind him. He felt trapped.

"Shut up, Casey! Just shut up!"

Zeke's voice was so calm now. He reached out for Casey's chin to made him look up to him. Casey started to tremble.

"Please, Zeke, just let me go!"

But he shook his head slowly.

"Nope," he murmured.

Then he bent over him. For one moment Casey struggled against his gentle hug and the lips which were pressed onto his. The kiss was warm and soft. It felt like a dream, but at last Casey wrapped his arms around Zeke's neck and he returned the kiss timidly.

If you want to read more: next / last Part

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