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It's christmas time

Hope your Christmas is filled with lots of fun and love!

I've written a little bit for you. In english today, sorry for abusing your beautiful language ;). Well, let's go - maybe you'll like it a little bit. It's
A Special Christmas Day for Mr. Smith

Erin had been able to get a little christmas tree and she had put up candles everywhere in the canteen. The cook had baked biscuits. The air was full of peace and memories. Smith didn't like days like these. He had no past to share with others.

Kurdy had searched for him and in the end he had found him in a remote, almost empty room. Squatted he sat in an old armchair. He didn't even look up when Kurdy entered.


"Kurdy? What are you doing here? You should be in the canteen!"

"I was looking for you! Damn, Smith, it's Christmas! You shouldn't be so alone all the time. At least not today! "

A faint smile crept on Smith's lips.
"But I'm not alone! They are here!"


The candles on the big christmas tree in the hall shine brightly. In the air lay the smell of gingerbread and fir branches.

They've had Christmas Dinner, they've talked and laughed a lot. Now his mom started to clear up the table. He wanted to help her, but she only smiled and declined. She knew exactly what he would prefer to do: to go back to his new Playstation. He had wished one already so long, but the answer was still the same:" Later, darling,  when you are a little bit older! " Now he was finally old enough!

His father settled back with his pipe in front of  the fireplace. His great sister mussed up his hair.

"Well, little bro! Do you want to risk a race?"

He stared at her astonished. He was always the little, bugging brother for her and she almost tried to ignore him. And now she wanted to do a race on his Playstation with him? But then he remembered: it was Christmas today! Christmas everything was different!

He grinned. "'kay! But you won't win. I'm the champion!"


Kurdy had listened to him in silence. 

"It's my family, Kurdy!"
Smith's voice had become quiet - almost as if he feared that the pictures would disappear again if he articulate the words.

"You can remember," Kurdy asked doubtfully.

"I don't know what was before! I don't know what has happened to them after the "Big Death"! But - yes - this one Christmas Day.... I have sat here and everything was quiet and empty, as usual. And suddenly the pictures came up ... ! "

He closed his eyes.
"I can see them, Kurdy! I can feel them! My Mom! My Dad! And Melissa. Lizzy, my sister! She is older than me ... "

Kurdy felt, that Smith wasn't here with him any longer. He was gone to a different time at a different place. And suddenly he started to believe his story. Maybe it was possible! Maybe at Christmas could happen a miracle!  
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