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Lands of Magic - Scavenger Hunt

Pah, crossposting still doesn't work. How annoying is this?


The challenge was to find some imagines/screencaps or make various graphics for given prompts. (The words "screencap," "image," etc. were all interchangeable)

As ever, if you like an icon, feel free to grab it. Credits are nice, but not necessary.

3. Find a screencap or take a picture of a fancy hat = 5 points

4. Find a screencap of a TV/movie couple kissing = 5 points

(Outlander - TV series)

5. Find a cap of your favorite vampire = 5 points

(Henry Fitzroy, Blood ties - TV Series)

7. Show us a screencap from a funny scene = 5 points

(Lord of the Rings / The Fellowship - Movie Trilogy)

10. Find or make an icon of a winged insect = 5 points

14. Find a photo that makes you feel cozy = 5 points

(Weissenhäuser Strand - Baltic Sea)

18. Find a gif representing the first thing you want to do once lockdown is over = 5 points

(klick for original size)

20. Icon the artist of the last song you listened to = 5 points

(Kerstin Ott, German songwriter and singer)

22. Make an icon from a black and white film or show. = 5 points

(Casablanca - Movie)

24. Find a screencap of someone wearing purple = 5 points

25. Make any type of graphic incorporating an umbrella = 5 points

28. Find a picture that represents your favorite character/celebrity without using an image of them. = 5 points

(represents Lord of the Rings = Sam und Frodo on their way to Mordor)

32. Find a cap of someone in costume = 5 points

(Rocketman - Movie)

39. Find pictures of animals to state your initials. = 5 points?

(click for original size)

40. Find a screencap of a character with a drink = 5 points

43. Make an icon of your favorite cartoon character = 5 points

48. Show us a screencap from a sad scene = 5 points

(Lord of the Rings / Return of the King - Movie Trilogy)

53. A screencap of your current desktop (or just the image used) = 5 points

55. Make yourself a sigtag including a fantasy creature = 5 points

(Carnival Row - Amazon Series)

58. Make an icon of a woman in a red outfit. = 5 points

Points total = 100
Tags: icon, lands_of_magic
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