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FanFiction Jeremiah // Anger

Back to Jeremiah and  Mr. Smith.

Titel: Anger
Character: Mr. Smith, Kurdy
Words: 342

revised work January 2016

Smith remembered the evening he had met her for the first time. It had been in the bar, two weeks ago. Everyone had stared at her body, but he had only seen her eyes. So wonderful eyes, even if they looked so hard. But he felt a longing inside her no one else seem to notice.

Now it was difficult to recognize her. The eyes were bloodied and swollen, like the whole face. The whole body. Brutally battered, abused, near to death.

The guy who had done this tried to get away from Kurdy, who did hold him in a hard grip.
"Fuck you. Why did you actually care? She's just a fucked up, stupid little bitch."

Before Kurdy could react, Smith was standing in front of them, his usually warm and slightly sad, brown eyes full of anger.
"What do you mean?"

Kurdy frowned. Not only his eyes had changed, there was an undertone in his voice, dark, threatening, almost scaring. He had already seen him killing, sometimes there was no other way, to save yourself, to save your friends. But there was always a kind of regret and grief in Smith's act. This time, though ...

" A stupid, little bitch, " the guy repeated, grinning provocatively.
"She's just gotten what she deserves."

Only a split of a second later he was laying on the ground, trying to protect his broken nose with trembling hands. Smith glared at him with still raging anger and Kurdy needed a moment to realize that it had been his friend, at least two heads smaller that the guy on the ground, who had struck him down with only one punch.

"You should better stay out of my way next time."
With these words, Smith turned back to the young woman who was still leaning against the wall, unable to move. Gently he lifted her up and carried her to the jeep.

"We should bring her to the Mountain ", he said and his voice was soft as ever.
"Erin will take care of her."

** the end**
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