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Love you friend

Sean at MSU

I' ve just found this pic and I would like to share it with all of you.

Or klick here to see the original pic on Flickr.com.  Ohhh ... I love it! It's so great, great, great! And he looks so good!

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He looks wonderful and I'd love to post this on SANET... but where did it come from? Is it a fan picture or was it a news photographer?

Wonderful shot!!


I think it's a fan picture. It's posted by boatner d06 on Flickr.com.

Hmmmmm... damn! Ok. I have a problem posting fan pictures. I may try to contact her and ask if I can post it.

Thanks, me dear!

Yay! Das ist doch mal ein geiles Bild! Es ist scharf und groß und hat Sean richtig drauf ;)))
Danke! *knuddels*

Jepp - schönes Bildchen, nicht? Ich hab' hier schon ewig keine aktuellen Bilder mehr gepostet, aber das fand ich einfach schön.

(Deleted comment)
He looks mostly beautiful ;)

He looks positively yummy, doesn't he?

I've heard that filming for Demoted is over, so he's gone back home. Wonder if he'll do more campaigning the next 2 weeks.

Yes, of course, he does!
And I won't be surprised, if he will do a bit more campaigning.

Ein tolles Bild! Danke, meine Süße. Und wie du sagt - er sieht großartig aus. *träumt*

Au ja, lass' uns träumen ...

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