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Fan Fiction - Ballroom dancing - A new life

What a surprise .... FanFiction - but no Jeremiah, no Mr. Smith today!

Autor: Prisca
Titel: A new life
Movie: Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School
Charaktere: Kip Kipling played by Sean Astin

Kip had never liked dancing. He actually wasn't even able to dance. But … during their last therapy session he had noticed it.

Frank had changed since he went to this dancing-school. He could laugh again, live again, even love again.

For the first time since his wife's death Kip wondered how it would be to let her go. She was always around him, in his thought, in his dreams. Although she was gone and buried a long time ago.

On Thursday he changed into his dark suit, out of fashion, so long unworn. It felt strange first but he could feel a slight buzzing in his gut.

And when he entered the dancing-school with the others he knew it: it was the first step into a new life.

revised march 2015
Tags: fan fiction, revised work, sean astin
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