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FanFiction Jeremiah // Countdown

Titel: Countdown
Character: Mr. Smith
Words: 274
A/P: This story tries to answer the question: What happened am 8.59 o'clock ( The clock )

revised story January 2016

It was 8.38 o'clock when he saw the bridge for the first time. It was narrow, the wooden planks were old, the cords were disrupted. For ages, no one had cared for it. It would have been smart to make a detour and to wander around the lake. But he didn't want to be smart.

It was 8.49 o'clock when he entered the bridge. The planks creaked under his weight. The bridge swayed. The wood under his feet was slippery. But he didn't turn round. He felt no fear. Why should he?

It was 8.51 o'clock when he stopped in the middle of the bridge and stared down into the abyss. The lake seemed to be endless. The rising sun sparkled golden on the dark green water. He felt attracted from the silence and the peace of this scenery.

It was 8.54 o'clock when he decided to end his life. He had fought, he had hoped, he had loved - and he had lost everything. There was nothing that still held him in this world.

It was 8.56 o'clock when he jumped down. When he fall he felt free, almost happy. The impact on the water was painful. Instantly he started to sink, deep and deeper. He couldn't swim. For a split of a second, he wished to turn back time, back into the house of his childhood, when the life had been so easy. But then the darkness came and he found the peace he longed for so desperately.

It was 8.59 o'clock when he heard the voice for the first time. God said: "Not yet! There is still so much to do!"
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