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FanFiction Jeremiah // Just for fun

Yeah! Two weeks on vacation now! To mark the occasion, I will post my next Drabble.

Titel: Just for fun
words:100 = drabble
Character: Mr. Smith / Kurdy / Markus

revised work January 2016

Smith looked almost happy when he returned to the Mountain with Kurdy. Curious Markus stopped.

"What are you doing?"

"Let kites flying."

Markus stared at the odd thing Smith held up to him.


"It was a nice day. The sun! The wind! The kites in the sky. Just ... for fun!"


"Fun, Markus! Do you know what this mean?"

Markus frowned and Smith added softly:
"I guess, I'll build you a kite, too. Then you can come with us next time."

Kurdy grinned while Markus walked away, shaking his head. He knew, Smith would carry out his promise.

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Awww! I'm glad Smith had a good time, and will drag Markus into it next time!

I think, Smith deserves a little bit fun. And from time to time he can find it. But I wonder, if Markus will be so delighted ...


"Spaß, Markus! Weißt du, was das ist?"

Danke, das kann man einfach nur genießen.

Schön, das sie dir gefallen hat - mir hat's Spaß´gemacht, es zu schreiben. Ich sehe Smith gern als humorvollen Menschen - er lebt nur in der falschen Zeit. Umso schöner, wenn er ab und zu mal einfach vergessen kann. Und Markus? Markus hat mal wieder eine neue Seite an Smith entdecken müssen ;)

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