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FanFiction Jeremiah // Good and evil

Titel: Good and evil
Autor: Prisca
Character: Mr. Smith / Kurdy
Words: 150
A/N: this one is following the drabble "By your side"

Horror and seething rage were reflected in his dark eyes when he came back out of the house. Smith looked at his friend compassionately.

"I've warned you! Why did you go in? I knew you wouldn't like it."

Kurdy stared at him.
"I had to! I had to see it with my own eyes. Otherwise, it would be impossible to believe. Damn, we did trust them. Markus helped them. And they have killed them all. Women and children.They slaughtered them in front of our eyes and we didn't even notice it. How could this happen?"

"We saw the good things and have forgotten how often the evil hides behind it."

"And this is all? So it will happen again? Anytime? Everywhere? How can you move on when you think like this?"

"Sometimes," Smith said gently, "sometimes you will find the good although you believe everything around you is evil!"

revised March 2015
Tags: fan fiction, jeremiah, revised work
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