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Love you friend

FanFiction Jeremiah // The cat (part 2)

The first part of this story I've posted for mews1945 birthday - you can find it here.

Titel: The cat (chapter 2)
Words: 234
Character: Mr. Smith, Rose

revised story: January 2016

Smith looked at her smiling. Lost in thoughts, she was playing with the old cat, which she had recently saved from drowning. He wondered how she had convinced Markus to let the cat stay here. Markus didn't like animals in the Mountain, but he seemed to ignore the presence of the cat.

Then he sighed softly. He couldn't put it off any longer. Otherwise, the pain would be even bigger. He knelt down beside her. The cat sidled up to his feet.

"I guess, we should talk, "he said and petted the cat behind the ear. "You know, she's very old and tired ... "

"She will die soon," Rose interrupted him softly. Then she wrapped her arms round his neck. "Don't be sad, Daddy. It's okay!"

"It's okay, " he repeated, feeling slightly confused

"I think so We all have to die one day. Und she has had a whole life. When it's time for her to go, she won't be alone. Because I'll be with her.... It's not that bad to die thusly, isn't it? "

Thoughtfully he looked at her. He did remember all the people he already had seen dying: too young, too sudden, too lonely. They had never had a chance to live or to feel love. Carefully he pulled his little daughter into his arms and hold her.

"No," he whispered.
"No, you are right. It's not bad!"

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Thank you. I'm glad, you like it!

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