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Fan Fiction - The Walking Dead - Six Mini ficlets

It feels as if today is a good day to share some mini ficlets I've written during the last weeks for various challenges.

written for comment_fic

one sentence - joining the family (Daryl Dixon)

He had been used to it to live alone since he could remember; even when he had been a child, living together with his drunk head of father and Merle, his brother he had never had the feeling to have a family; the zombie apocalypse had changed everything because he had met Ric, and Carol, Glen, Maggie and Baby Judith; and, of course, Beth, the girl with the shy smile, who had told him one night:"I love you, Daryl Dixon, as much as I love my family."

25 words (2x) - peace and quiete (Daryl Dixon, Beth Greene)

It had been a long, hard day; they had lost two of their group. Daryl had done his best to save them; all in vain.

What he needed now was a little peace and quiet, together with Beth. Only in her arms, he would be able to sleep without nightmares.

27 words - shower (Daryl Dixon)

A hot shower was a rarity these days. To shower together with someone you loved was like a wonder he had never dared to dream about before.

30 words (3x) - The Walking Dead, Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon, dress

Half shocked, half surprised, Beth stared at Daryl. Finally, she shook her head.

"I can't marry you!"

He breathed in deeply and kept quiet. This answer did hurt more than expected; he had been sure, that it was, what she wanted. She could be still so romantic; so full of dreams.

„I don't even have a decent dress.“

Laughing Daryl pulled her into his arms; god, he loved her so much.
„We're going to ask Carol. I'm sure she will make the most beautiful bride out of you.“

written for fic_promptly at Dreamwidth

any, any, a hot bath at the end of the day (Dary Dixon, Carol Peltier)

"Do you know what I miss most," Carol had asked this morning.
"A hot bath at the end of the day. To leave everything behind for a while."

It was hard to find some privacy in times like these, a place to relax. But Daryl was wildly resolved to give her that moment.

He placed the old bath tube in one of the separated rooms, he heated uncountable buckets of water, he asked Maggie for one of her self-made soaps, he put up candles and placed a book with poems beside the tube.

Without any question, she deserved all this.

Author's choice, author's choice, just my imagination (Daryl Dixon) (drabble)

She was perfect. Daryl held baby Judith safely in his arms, feeding her. To his own surprise, he did enjoy it. He had never been a very emotional guy. Grown up with a drunken father, mostly living on the roads, fighting for the daily survival, there was no room for dreams of a better future.

But here, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, he had met people who had reached out to his heart. And he had let them. He closed his eyes, and in his imagination the world was perfect. It was him and Beth and baby Judith.

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