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Fan Fiction - Jeremiah (TV) - Forgotten

This ficlet was originally written for 31_days.

Titel: Forgotten
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Characters: Mr. Smith / Kury Malloy
Word Count: 238
Rating: PG13
Prompt: Every time someone forgets, someone else disappears
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters

„Hey, Smith. Here you are.“
Kurdy looked down at the little guy who was cowering beside the burned down campfire alone. The night was much too cold but, as ever, Smith didn't seem to care.
„What are you doing.“


„About what?“

„My past.“

Kurdy frowned confused.
„But you can't remember your past.“

Smith shrugged.
„I can't,“ he agreed.

Inwardly Kurdy cursed slightly. Great. Smith was in this mood again. The next hour on the road together with him would be great fun.

„I wonder what is happened with all the people I've known once. Every time you forget someone, it is as if he disappears from the earth. My mother, my father. Maybe a sister or a brother. Grandparents. Friends. So many people. And no one remembers them anymore. It is as if they have never existed. As if they never had a life. As if they have never laughed, never loved. Never seen the sun. The snow. Never felt the rain on their face.“

Finally, Smith looked up, his eyes dark with pain.

„I wish I could bring them back. I've tried to remember but I can't.“

It wasn't always easy to follow his thoughts, but it was obvious that he suffered agonies. Kurdy put his hand on Smith's shoulder to offer him some comfort. All he could do.

„Markus has a job for us,“ he said.

Smith nodded and straightened up.
„I know.“


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This makes me hurt so hard for Smith and for all the survivors. Beautifully told.

Hard times for everyone, yes. Thanks.

Heartbreakingly beautiful.
Wonderfully written, my dear. Thank you!

Glad you like. Hard times for Smith and for everyone who did survive the Big Death. So many losses, so many sad memories.

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