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Froday Flash Fiction Challenge - The Community finally opens its doors at DW

Froday Flash Fiction Challenge

Maybe some of you will already know us from Livejournal. This is still our main community, but we think it's time to expand a bit. So from now on, you will also find us at Dreamwidth.

Join us, have fun with us, everyone is welcome.

Just in case you haven't heard about us before, here are some infos.

That's right, Froday as in Friday, only that we started out as a Frodo-loving LotR community—hence the name.

What is this community about?
It's a place to get inspiration to do a little creative something each week.

Monthly schedule in 2017:
– 1st Froday: Regular Challenge
– 2nd Froday: Little Special
– 3rd Froday: Regular Challenge
– 4th Froday: Monthly Challenge for the following month
– around 5th Froday: Froday Madness Special postings/sign-ups

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate at any time. No pressure, just fun.

What can I submit?
Though the community is mainly about fanfiction so far, we are open for everything you can think about: original fics, poems, art, podfics, fanmixes, fanvids, meta, rec lists. All fandoms, ratings, genres, kinks, tropes, clichés, rpf/rps, crossovers …

If you have more questions, you may find answers in the FAQ or you can contact us via naemi or prisca1960.

What are you waiting for? Come on and join us. And tell your friends to come, too.
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