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Love you friend

My weekly writing schedule

It's Sunday already, and again it's time for my weekly writing schedule.

Last week was a not so good one; I was struggling with my muse. But I'm willing not to let her win ;) Let's try better next week.

- at least one drabble for drabble_weekly - Prompt: Some Assembly Required = 1 written

- at least one comment for comment_fic and fic_promptly (DW)

- GenBingo story (still 19 stories to finish the whole card) = 1 written (also for fffc)

- fffc = finish March special ( posting 29. March) // drabble special = 8 rewards written for the drabble special // March Special finished

- 31_days - interesting March prompts = 1 written (16.)

- getyourwordsout - Bingo 15 prompts want still to be written (Dec 15)

- fan_flashworks - Prompt: mending

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:) When I stop playing around at FFFC Dreamwidth I might be able to open a folder and write down some words ;)

Haha. Yeah, I need to get writing, too. Of course, I've been telling me this daily for the better part of two years *rolleyes*

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