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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - You can't keep her safe forever

It's Sunday already, again, how could this happen? Have a nice day, all of you, have fun, read a good book, watch a TV series, meet some friends ... just enjoy the day.

And here we go on with the usual story about or boys. It's written for a comment_fic some time ago and it's AU because it takes place in the future.

Title: You can't keep her safe forever
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Zeke
Prompt: Author's choice, author's choice
"I'm obsessed with keeping this little loser away from my daughter."
"Okay, we got that like an hour ago, loud and clear.
Word Count: 425 words
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

"I'm obsessed with keeping this little loser away from my daughter."

Casey rolled his eyes. It was hard not to laugh.
"Okay, I got that like an hour ago, loud and clear. But, Zeke, you need to calm down and start to think clear. You've heard her. If you don't accept it that she will come home this weekend together with Steve, she won't come home anyway.“

Zeke huffed loud; his brown eyes darkened even more.
„I only want to save her from making a big mistake. Do you know that he's working at a tattoo studio? Can you imagine that? One day our little girl might come home with a tattoo on her… back.“

Casey couldn't hold back for longer; he chuckled slightly.
„Our little girl is 19 years old and goes to College,“ he reminded him.
„And she is in love.“

„She can get a better one. Someone who will be able to take care of a family. She wants children one day. Can you imagine this loser being a good father?“

Casey grabbed for his mug, though the coffee was already cold.
„All this sounds pretty familiar to me.

He is a loser. He already got kicked out of several schools. He only causes trouble.

You don't know what you are doing. You throw your future away to live together with a guy? You will never marry. You will never have children. This is a mistake, Casey, a terrible mistake.“

He paused and smirked.
„Parents don't always know what is right for their children. They want to keep them safe forever, but this is impossible. Sometimes you just have to let them go.

I love my parents, you know this, but luckily I decided to go my own way back then. Otherwise, I would have missed the best things of my life. Our trip to Asia after College. Our ceremony. The adoption of Chloe. 20 years together with you, Zeke, not always sunshine, but that's life.

I think Chloe should get the same chance. We can't protect her from every disappointment and every backlash. But we can be there for her when she needs us. That's what good parents should do, Zeke.“

A slight smile sneaked on Zeke's face.
„You're still the same smart, little shit, Case,“ he murmured.
„Fine, I will play along. But I promise you: when he ever hurts her, I will kill him first before I comfort her.“

"Sounds fair," Casey laughed and grabbed for the cellphone to call their daughter.

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