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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - I need a hug

The story today is a re-post of a dialogue fic, written for comment_fic

Title: I need a huge
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Mrs. Connor
Prompt: Any, any, I need a hug (dialogue only)
Word Count: 307 words
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

„Casey, just a moment.“

„Sorry, Mom, need to go.“

„Anything wrong?“

„I'm fine!“

„You look like you could need a hug.“

„Mooom. … Fine, I will admit it, Del and I had a stupid fight. Nothing serious.“

„Wanna talk about it?“

„No! It's just, Del insists that we go to this party tonight, but I already have different plans.“

„Mhm. Understood. Zeke?“

„What do you mean? Zeke is my friend, it's nothing wrong with it when I want to hang around with him now and then. Watch a movie.“

„Of course not. But I wonder if it isn't time for an open talk with Delilah. It's not quite fair what you are doing.“

„So you take her side? I hate partying!“

„Oh, I know that. You hate parties and fame and standing in the center of everyone's interest as much as Delilah loves it. You two are pretty different.

Zeke and you, though ...“

„Zeke and me, what?“

„It's nothing wrong with it, Casey. Zeke is funny. Smart. Handsome. Delilah is Deliah. But it's not okay when you just use her. You need to make a decision, Casey, better stay true to yourself.“

„Dad was so proud when I've told him. Me and Deliah, the prettiest girl from school.“

„Your dad was already proud of you when he did hold you in his arms for the very first time. He doesn't care if you are a famous football player or a photographer. If you date a cheerleader queen or … a guy.

All he wants is you to be happy. Because he loves you. We both do.“




„Before I go and talk with Delilah ... do you think I could get a hug now, or two?"
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