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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Future plans

And again another re-post of one of the comment fics I did write during the contest week at fic_promptly (Dreamwidth).

Title: Future plans
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Stokely, mention of Zeke
Prompt: any, any, "I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that.
Word Count: 711 words
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

"I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that."

Casey looked up from his book. Stokely, his best friend, eyed him with a wide smirk.

„What are you talking about,“ he asked.

She dropped down on the bleachers beside him.

„Zeke Tyler? Really?“

Casey stiffened and clutched the book with both hands.
„Zeke what?“

„Don't, Case, don't try to fool me. I know what I've seen this morning. You and Zeke at the parking lot. And don't tell me that it was because of a school's test. I'm not that stupid.“

Fine. Casey breathed in deeply and straightened up. Fine! So she did find out. He fought the panic back which crept into his body. She was his best friend, yes, but this was for sure none of her business.

She shook her head.
„I can't believe that you are that boneheaded.“

„And I can't believe that you are a homophobic prick,“ Casey snapped back.

„Homophobic? Me?!
She huffed.
„You should know me better. I've supposed that you might be gay for quite a while already. And for sure I don't care. As long as it makes you happy, go for it.

But someone from school? Zeke Tyler? The guy who gets laid with every girl?“

It didn't often happen that Casey's eyes got almost dark with anger.
„You don't know anything about him,“ he hissed.
„So better shut up.“

„And you do? Wake up, Casey. I will admit, he looks hot, but that's not all. You deserve someone better than such a selfish prick who's just looking for a short adventure.“

To her surprise, Casey suddenly seemed to calm down again. He even smiled.
„We started to meet in his garage some weeks after the alien incident. From the beginning it felt right to hang around with him. He didn't expect me to talk about my feelings and he hasn't tried to whitewash things. He knew about my nightmares because he had the same.

Things between us changed subtly, and when he kissed me for the first time, we both knew that this was what we were looking for. There is a bond between us, Stokes; we are like soulmates. It's much more than just sex. We haven't even fucked so far.“

Casey chuckled slightly embarrassed and blushed. He wasn't used to it to talk about all this so openly. Only around Zeke it felt like the most natural thing.

„It's not, that I don't want it,“ he admitted.
„It's Zeke who says that we better don't rush things. He wants to wait for the right moment; not a quick fuck in his garage. We need to be careful. It's not easy to be gay in Herrington. When they find out, they will give us shit for it.

But after graduation it will get easier. Yesterday I got the acceptance letter for the photo school in New York. I was so excited that I needed to tell Zeke before school. That's why I waited for him at the parking lot this morning.“

For a moment Stokely relaxed.
„New York, huh,“ she said.
„Gratulations. That's cool.“

„It is!“
Casey nodded and beamed.
„Even more because Zeke will come with me.“

Stokely frowned.
„He wants to go to photo school?“

„No, of course not. But he sent an application letter to the community college. We plan to share an apartment. There is also a small gay scene near the campus.“

„College? Wow. I was sure that Zeke would never graduate. He can be such a smug idiot.“

„He is smart, Stokes,“ Casey answered, chuckling slightly.
„Brilliant even. The community college is just the beginning. One day he will get the Nobel-prize for one of his research projects. I'm sure of that.

All he needs is someone who believes in him. You know, sometimes I think, Zeke was the king at school, but he technically was even more alone than I was. I was the geek, but my family always backed me up. Who cared about Zeke? Who was there for him when he needed help?

Him and I, Stokes, it is as if we are meant for each other. Together we are stronger than we have ever been before. We will rock the world.“

Still not entirely convinced Stokely decided to let it rest for the moment. But for sure she would have an eye on the situation.
„I hope you are right and he truly cares for you. Because, if he doesn't, he will have to deal with me. And this won't be fun, promise.“

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