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FanFiction Jeremiah // Swimming

Titel: Swimming
Fandom: Jeremiah
Character: Mr. Smith, Rose
Words: 100 (drabble)

It was a hot summer day. Smith was sitting at the shore of the lake, watching Rose. His little daughter was playing in the water with some other children. He felt the urge to call her back.

The water alarmed him.So dark-green, so cold and deep. Just like the lake had looked when he had decided to end his life some years ago.

Rose laughed.
"C'mon, Daddy! It's fun."

He cringed.
"Sorry, Honey. I can't. I cannot swim."

Rose reached for his hand.
"Don't worry! I 'll take care of you."

She was right, the cold water was wonderful.

revised March 2015

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Wow. Das ist ... unglaublich... Man kann die Gefühle von Smith richtig fühlen.
Danke, Prisca! Ich liebe es wie du Smith schreibst!

Ich weiß nicht, ob das unglaublich ist, ich finde ja immer noch, andere schreiben viel besser - ich schreibsel einfach nur vor mich bin, was mir so einfällt. Aber Spaß macht es trotzdem - und wenns dir gefällt, fein!

Edited at 2008-08-01 12:51 pm (UTC)

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