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Get your words out - Picture Challenge // The scrapyard

Sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing ;) But I did sign up for the newest getyourwordsout challenge.

1. Comment to receive a link to a picture. Your picture will have at least two people in it.
2. Write a scene from that picture. The piece must begin with a line of dialogue spoken by one of the people in the photo to someone else in the photo.
3. Set yourself a time limit (30 minutes, tops) OR a word count limit (up to 1,000 words).
4. Write the scene and keep it physically confined to what you see in the photograph.

The picture I got:

And I did what I've never done before ;) 1. This is femslash. 2. This is not fanfiction.

Title: The scrapyard
Characters: Original
Word Count: 238
Rating: PG13

„So, what do you think?“

Amelia was cowering on the hood of the old car. Dented, rusted, the glass of the windshield cracked; long forgotten. But at the moment she had discovered the Ford Mustang on the scrapyard she had been fallen in love.

Zoey leaned against the driver's door, her eyes closed. Her long brown hair fell down her back; almost reaching her waist. Black leggings and a black hoodie. She was small, had to tiptoe and to look up to Amelia; her soft, small lips slightly opened; she was smiling. Amelia couldn't turn her eyes away. The young woman in front of her was so beautiful that it almost made her breathless.

What a contrast to the surrounding; all the car wrecks on the meadow, the big shabby garage with its gray-blue painting, the never-ending rattling of the big ventilation shafts. It could just as well have been heaven. Or hell. Amelia didn't care. Nothing could ruin this afternoon.

Finally, the smile on Zoey's lips widened, and she opened her eyes. Green brown, with golden sparkles, as ever when she got excited, like now.

„It's perfect,“ she answered with her slightly hoarse voice which always made Amelia shiver.
„We will restore this car for our summer trip. Just you and me and this baby on the road, what can be better?“

Then she reached up, pulling Amelia down into the long-awaited kiss.

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