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Get your words out Bingo 2017

Last year I managed it to write 12 stories but it was only one completed bingo. But okay, I was busy with house selling, apartment hunting and moving over the summer and there was not much time for writing.

So I've decided to try it again this year. Again I've chosen the 'Setting Bingo'. Here are my first thoughts about my card.

 - Luckily none abstract pictures, I hate to write. **yeah**

.- Some of the pictures I've already written last year. Actually not a problem, this gives me a good reason to write in other fandoms, too, than just about the boys ;)

- Unfortunately, two of the 'repeaters' are pictures I was already struggling with last year ( the stadium and the Siberia snow picture). Plus, some of the new pictures are not that easy, too (the desert with the windwheel  = I'm afraid I will have to send the boys onto a trip into the wild west where they get lost in the middle of the nowhere ;). Or the castle, which let me think about 'Game of Thrones', but  I know that JRR Martin hates Fanfiction and writers who play around with his world - even if I don't understand his statement I guess we have to accept it. Or the black&white one ... )

There are also some nice prompt-pictures, but all in all this card seems to be more difficult than the last one. But, hey, it's a challenge, so I will make the best out of it and have fun :)

Wish me luck - I can need it.


You can't turn ...

The slum quarter

The comic shop

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