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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - An unforgettable birthday

Let's have some fun with the boys again. This story is originally written for fan_flashworks, and it also fills a prompt of my fanfic50 table.

Title: An unforgettable birthday
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Zeke
Prompt fan_flashwork: Party
Prompt: fanfic50: Celebration
Word Count: 932
Rating: PG13, maybe a touch of R
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

Casey eyed Zeke suspiciously.
„You want me to wear a suit tonight?“

„Why not. I'm sure, you will look hot in it.“

„I've told you, no wild surprise parties for my birthday. That's always so embarrassing.“

Zeke grinned.
„No party, promise. Just a suit.“

When Casey was standing in front of Zeke's garage later in the evening, dressed up in his dark blue suit with the gray shirt, his hair styled, he felt a bit out of his element. This was ridiculous, wasn't it? But when the door was opened he could only gawk in surprise.


He blinked once, twice. The girl in front of him looked like his best friend, and she didn't. Stokely was a goth girl; she liked black clothes, preferred a fancy hairstyle and had a piercing in her upper lip. The girl on the porch was wearing a dark suit with a vest and even a decent pocket square; her hair was bound back in a ponytail, her piercing was gone.

„Welcome,“ she greeted Casey with a wide grin on her face which didn't seem to fit with the rest of her outfit but at least was much more familiar.
„I'm glad that you grace us with your presence tonight. Can I offer you a welcome drink?“

Casey stared at the tablet with a glass of … sparkling wine??? Would it look rude if he denied the offer? He actually didn't like alcohol at all.

„Ähm … okay, I guess.“
He grabbed the glass and nipped. Woah, this was good, much better then the sparkling wine his mom used to buy for Christmas or other holidays. He nipped again and finally started to relax a bit.

„Fine. So, wanna tell me what all this is about?“

Stokely smiled.
„I would suggest that we go inside now,“ she said.
„Someone is already waiting for you.“

Slightly hesitating Casey followed her. If this was the suspected surprise party, he would kill Zeke. And Stokes. And everyone else who had been on the inside, too.

But then everything was different than expected. If he didn't know better, he would have told everyone that this was not Zeke's garage with its somehow strange mix of lab equipment, shelves with books, Oscar in his rat cage and the old couch. Most of this stuff had vanished behind folding screens; what was left behind looked like the separee of an exclusive restaurant.

A table with white dish clothes, two antique but comfortable looking chairs. Flowers and candles. Red gerber daisies and pink butterflies made of paper. Plain white flatware, different crystal glasses.

Casey felt torn apart between surprise and amusement. The whole scenario did remind him of the pictures in the magazines his mom used to read. Magazines about wealthy and famous people. It was somehow strange to find it here, in Zeke's garage.

„Woah, you look hot today.“
Zeke stepped into the garage and chuckled slightly.
„Sorry. I guess I should better say: Tonight you excelled yourself, darling.“

Casey turned around and coughed. Also Zeke had changed. He was wearing a suit instead of denim and a long sleeved shirt. Light gray with a bordeaux-red shirt and a matching tie. He had even styled his usually slightly messy hair, which always looked as if he did cut it himself. The heat was rushing through Casey's body; he had always known that his boyfriend was good looking, but Zeke wearing a suit was beyond sexy.

He hiccuped, as always when he was nervous, and he knew he blushed. Zeke laughed.
„No need to freak out, geek boy,“ he whispered.

Finally, Casey found his words again.
„I've told you not to make a fuss,“ he murmured.

Zeke stepped closer, Casey could smell his aftershave; the one he had given him for his birthday last year. Back then they hadn't been a couple yet, and Casey had never dared to dream about it that Zeke would feel like he did for so long already.

„It's not a fuss when I want to celebrate my boyfriend's 18th birthday properly,“ Zeke said.
„And because it's impossible that we have a candlelight dinner at the Marriotts I thought it might be a good idea to bring the Marriott to you.

I hope you like *Formaggio di capra e nocciole con fichi al Barolo and **Filetto di agnello con polenta al limone.“

Casey blinked slightly confused.

Zeke laughed.
„Just wait and see. I'm sure you will like it; it's excellent. But save some room for dessert, you won't miss that.“
He pulled one of the chairs out.
„And now, take a seat and enjoy your evening. It will be a long one because I plan to spoil you like no one has ever done before.“

The promise behind his smile and the sparkles in his eyes let Casey's mouth get dry while he dropped down onto the chair. This birthday would be an unforgettable one.

*Goat cheese nougat with figs
**Fillet of lamb with lemon polenta
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