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My weekly writing schedule

To challenge myself to write more regularly and not to disregard communities and challenges (like I did this week where I was only writing for fic_promptly = the comment_fic community at DW) I've decided to try something new and make a rough 'writing-plan' for the next week.

I will put it under a cut - feel free to skip.

- at least one drabble for drabble_weekly = Prompt: Candlelight = 1 written

- at least one comment_fic at fic_promptly (DW) and comment_fic (LJ) = 3 written (DW) / 1 written (LJ)

- one Bingo story = prompt: paper

- work on a story which wants to come to an end ( Diner, mother, graduation party ??? )

- fffc ! = prompt: cupid ( Feb 14 !!! ) or prompt: sugar or quick creation game = 2 written (qcg)

- 31_days - mini fills if possible = 3 written

- fan_flashworks - prompt: party ( Feb. 10) = done

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Wow! That's quite a lot! Good luck, dear!

Well, it doesn't mean that I have to do all of it but I thought a schedule might be a good idea because sometimes I just want too much and ends up with writing nothing.

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