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Fan Fiction - The Faculty - several minifills & drabbles

Today some mini fills/drabbles for The Faculty I've written during the last week(s) for comment_fic, drabble_weekly and fic_promptly at DW.

Prompt: Author's choice, author's choice, Birthday wishes via Twitter (140 characters only)

Hey, geek boy. So you made it. Finally 18. Wanna celebrate tonight? My house. Have the champagne and the condoms. Ready to take the risk? Z.

Prompt: Author's choice, author's choice, mother knows best (drabble)

Shocked Casey stared at his mother. Had she just asked him to invite Zeke Tyler next weekend for the Connor's family dinner? What did she know? Wherefrom did she know? This couldn't be. They had been so wary.

The king and the geek. It almost sounded like a fairy tale. And the dreamworld would break in like a cardhouse the moment the secret was disclosed. A coming out in Herrington was impossible.

As if she could read his mind his mom smiled reassuringly.
„Don't worry, Case. A mother knows her son best, and she will always keep his secrets.“

Prompt: author's choice, author's choice, break up (3-sentence-story)

Casey was fighting with tears while he stammered:" You can't be serious, you can't break up with me, you have said, that you love me."

Zeke forced himself to stay calm; this was much more difficult than he had pictured it but it was the only way to convince Casey that it was about time to move on; to leave Herrington behind, to go to MIT and start with the great future he had always dreamed about before he had met Zeke.

"Don't be stupid; love is just an overused word, how can you take this serious," he lied, and he knew, in the moment Casey had left his house he would break down.

Prompt: any, any, party all the time (5 sentence-story)

Zeke leaned back in his chair, the pencil in his mouth without caring about Mr. Furlong who tried to teach the students everything about photosynthesis.

"What a stupid shit," Casey thought, watching him secretly.
"All he can think about is party, party, party all the time. But he looks very sexy in this new, tight denims."

Suddenly Zeke looked up, their eyes met; the grin on Zeke's lips deepened even more, and Casey knew he was blushing.

Prompt: Any, any, why didn't you tell me? (drabble)

Zeke stared at Casey with narrowed eyes.
"Why didn't you tell me that you plan to move to Boston after graduation?"

He shrugged, pretending to be calmer than he actually was. He hadn't thought, that it would be so difficult.
„Didn't think you would care. You don't do serious relationships, remember?“

Zeke swallowed; of course, he could remember all the shit he had said again and again. Because he had been much too afraid to admit the truth. Would it be too late now?

„I don't want you to go,“ he murmured.


„Because I love you.“

Prompt: any, any, stargazing (3-sentence-story)

"You want what," Zeke asked and stared at his best friend dumbfounded; still not sure if he had gotten it right and Casey had just asked him for a date tonight.

The boy giggled hilariously, his blue eyes sparkled amused when he answered:"Zeke, stargazing has nothing to do with romantic shit; it's a serious science and the constellation of the stars tonight is a very interesting one."

"Oh," was all Zeke said, and it needed some time to fight his disappointment back.

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