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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Coming out

Because I love new writing challenges I couldn't resist this one from getyourwordsout

Based on the Whose Line is it, Anyway game Ninety-Second Alphabet, your challenge is to write a story, scene, or poem that begins each sentence/line with every letter of the alphabet. You’ll be given the letter to start with, and then you must continue through the alphabet and get back to your starting letter.

Sounds a bit tricky but like fun.

My given letter to start with was 'K'

Title: Coming out
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey Connor / Zeke Tyler
Word Count: 279
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: sadly not mine

King Zeke“, Casey repeated thoughtfully.

Lol,“ Zeke answered with a smirk.
Makes me feel odd.“

Not long ago you did enjoy it when they called you like that.“

Oh shit. Painful memories I would like to forget.“

Question is, don't you miss all the parties and clubbing … and all the fun … at least now and then?“

Regret it, that I've given up all this shit for you,“ Zeke asked. Smiling affectionately when he noticed the slight concern in Casey's face.
Trust me, I know that you are the best what is ever happened to me. Until you will kick me out of your life I will stay at your side.“

Very big promise,“ Casey answered, still a bit uneasy.

Well, it's just the truth. Xara lately told me that she thinks that you are good for me.“

You told her about us,“ Casey asked, his eyes wide open in shock.

Zeke smiled.
Actually not. But she was smart enough to figure it out that something is going on between us. Calm down, she's okay with it.“

Dumbfounded Casey needed a moment to think about these news. Emotions were rushing through his body.
Face it, Casey, just breath and face it,“ he tried to calm himself down.

Get it,“ he finally murmured,“ so this is our coming out?“

Heat filled him, as ever when his boyfriend pulled him into his arms to kiss him senseless.

If you don't mind,“ Zeke murmured, his voice so soft, his eyes sparkling so warm.

Jubilating inwardly all Casey could do was to answer the kiss with passion.

Tags: casey & zeke, fan fiction, getyourwordsout
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