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Love you friend

Gen Bingo at Dreamwidth ( round 11)

Because I've decided to be a bit more active at DW, too, I thought it might be a good idea to join another writing community. Gen Bingo.

They don't have that many rules. Despite the name of the comm all genres and ratings are welcome (also art, craft, podfic and more). There is no time limit to finish a card. You have to finish at least one Bingo (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) to ask for another card. Fic length has to be at least 100 words = a drabble.

This sounds doable. :)

I will put my card under a cut, risk a look if you want.

In the woods
Burning the hope
Only a lab rat
Soft Extraordinary
Writing, Text and Quotes
Watching Helplessly Loss of Faith
Loss of Faith
Factories and other Industrial Spaces Mountains
Moving on ...
The blanket fort
Afternoon Wild Card Jewellery
Buying Jewelry
Post-it Notes
On the road
Victorious Sunrise / Sunset
The early morning sun
Only together ...
It could be worse
May Morning
The 4th of May
The garden pond
Terrible Choices
Your pain will pass
Ambiguous Vacations and Holidays

1 Bingo completed

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It does sound doable. Good luck!

Thank you. Yes, I guess, the prompts are nice and with an open end, I hope to come up with the one or the other story.

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