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M-HdR-sam sw

Memories of good old times

After finding out that Alexandra Astin, Sean Astin's eldest daughter, obviously is engaged, I just have to do this. It's so long ago that I did make a post about Sean. But this news is a good reason for a little picture spam.

I guess all of us can remember this

Sam and his daughter Elenor

Sean, Christine and Ali in New Zealand during the filming of LotR

The premiere of RotK 2003

Ring Con 2006 :) Sean, Ali and Sarah = Sam, Elenor, and Rosie ( these pictures alone make my cry - what a wonderful time, what a great moment, so many memories )

more Ring Con - of this was soooo cute

Sean with Ali and Elizabeth (and, look, poor Ali has a cast around her foot)

2014, at the Hobbit premiere

Oh yes, she was a cute, little girl and she has turned inti a pretty young woman.

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What a lovely post. It's hard to believe she's old enough to be engaged, isn't it?

Thanks. Yes, it's hard to believe that she will marry soon ... and even harder that maybe Sean will be a grandfather one day soon.

This is a nice collection of pictures of her.

Thanks. So many wonderful memories.

Lovely looking family. Children have a way of growing up before you know it, speaking from experience here. Lol

I'm sure Sean will start to realize this, too. His little baby girl is not so little anymore.

(Here via the Home Page)

Oh, I had no idea she was even old enough to be engaged! How lovely she is!

Yegads, how the years go by.

Edited at 2017-01-14 02:36 am (UTC)

Well, she's twenty; time flies.

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, indeed, time flies so quickly. When I do remember the 'old times' with all the excitement about premieres and conventions and fandom fun I have to remember this is already 10-15 years ago; it feels like ... hm ... last week. The memories are still so alive.

wow, she was such a cute little girl in ROTK, wasn't she? Thank you for sharing!

Oh, she was a cute, little girl in RotK - but to see her on stage was almost better ;) She rocked the hall.

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