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ava - forget to smile

Some private babbling

I will put it under a cut, because I'm in a very sentimental mood and maybe you just want to skip this. Don't worry, I won't blame you.

I'm still going through mews1945 journal to save all her Faculty stories on my computer and I still discover stories I can't remember anymore.

It's a difficult but wonderful task at the same time = so many wonderful stories, she was a very talented writer. And so sad to think that she's gone and soon enough also her journal will be gone forever.

Only some minutes ago I reached October 2008 and this date. The first post where she talks about it to visit a Celtic Thunder concert with her sister and daughter.

And now I'm sitting here, crying and it almost breaks my heart. Because for me, this was the beginning of 'a new life'.

I did write Fanfiction before (only Jeremiah) and I did read Casey& Zeke now and then. But with this post everything changed.

I fall in love with Celtic Thunder (and though the group as changed a lot during the years, I still like them). Some time later I wrote a little ficlet for mews1945 as a 'Thank you' for introducing me to this group.

It was based on the song: Like a bird without wings by Damian McGuinty. Good, he was such a cutie back then ( he still is but in another way ;) )

And it was the very first Casey& Zeke story I ever dared to write. Bird without wings For sure not perfect and nowadays I would write it in a different way, but I when I revised it some time ago I corrected some obvious mistakes but didn't change the story itself. Because it was something special, the beginning of my love for a Fandom which is still alive.

Though our mews1945 is already gone. But in Fandom, on LJ and in our hearts she will always be with us.

Mewsie, I miss you.

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**hugs you back**


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