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Jeremiah FF - english // The Cat

Happy birthday, mews1945

This little fic I have written some time ago and I want to post it today for you. I know, it's not one of your favorite fandoms, but I hope, you will like it a bit.

Titel: The Cat
Fandom: Jeremiah
Characters: Markus, Rose
Words: 190

revised story January 2016

Markus stared at the grey cat who just sneaked into his office.
"What's this," he murmured.

The door was pulled open entirely and a little girl stepped in. She reached for the animal, which cuddled up to her and purred softly. Markus pulled the face thoughtfully.
"You're Rose, Smith's daughter, aren't you?"

The little girl nodded but kept quiet. Maybe she was a bit shy.

"You need to bring this cat out of the Mountain. I guess, your dad has told you, that we can't have animals here."

"She won't be here for long," Rose whispered, clutching the cat closer to her chest.

"What do you mean?"

"She is old and weak, you know. She's going to die soon. But she shouldn't be alone when that happens."

Markus stared at her. It was rare that words failed him.
"Oh, well," he finally murmured.
"I guess we could make an exception this time!."

Rose smiled and turned to the door, the cat still on her arms. But at the doorway she stopped again.
"Please, Mister Markus, don't tell my Daddy. He likes her - and I don't want him to be sad."

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