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Advent Calender 2016 / Day 16 / Fan Fiction

Another story today, though the Fandom is not that popular, I like this series. The Walking Dead, originally written for comment_fic

Title: The Christmas tree
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Character: Carol Peltier / Daryl Dixon
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 226
Prompt: The walking dead , Daryl/ Carol , it's Christmas be happy
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own The Walking Dead nor the character :( - I'm just borrowing them for a while

A Christmas tree?“
Surprised Daryl stared at Carol. When she had asked him to go into the near woods with her, he had thought she was looking for herbage or some vegetables for their next dinner, but this?

Carol smiled.
„Well, it's Christmas Eve. I guess we should have a tree.“

„That's ridiculous. Who cares about Christmas in times like these? It's only important to survive the next day.“

„I don't think so. We should try not to completely forget our traditions. They make us what we are, they make us human."

Almost angry Daryl shook his head.
„The only tradition I can remember is that my dad got drunk like every day and Merle and I had to hide somewhere in the garden. It was freezing cold, the snow almost reached up to the roof. I could see the lights in the houses of the neighborhood, children were laughing, singing. Merry Christmas anywhere. Just not for us.

So don't expect me to say: Hey, it's Christmas, let us be happy.“

Almost gentle Carol put her hand on Daryl's arm. She could feel him trembling and she knew, it was not because of the cold.

„It's not too late,“ she murmured.
„To learn about the true spirit of Christmas. I will read the Christmas story to the children later. You could join us if you want.“
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