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Advent Calender 2016 / Day 13 / Picture Spam

Today some Fandom Picture Spam again.

Flipper - not a great movie, but I like Elijah as Sandy

Even more I love a crossover (Flipper and I come with the rain) honeyandvinegar did write some time ago: Headfirst If you don't remember this anymore go and (re)read it.

Everything is illuminated = he look's so geeky in this pic :)

Maniacs - scary movie, even more scary Elijah, but I can't help it, I like this pic

Wilfred - this pic always makes me love (though I admit, I'm not so much into this series)

40 days, 40 nights - stupid but funny movie, and this pic ... hm, I wonder what Casey would say ;)

Penny dreadful - Josh as Ethan Chandler, he looks sooo hot

Black Dahlia - I really like him in this movie

O - I can't help it, but I like Hugo, because he reminds me a lot of Zeke

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I love the variety of pictures in this one. I haven't seen some of them in a very long time. :)

:) I like to (re) post them now and then.

:) The 'boys' are always great.

Wonderful Pictures, the last one is new to me!
Thank you for opening another lovely calendar Window :-)

:) I'm glad you like.

The last one is from a movie called 'O' ( based on the story of Othello - set at a Highschool, a lot of intrigues and lies and a not so happy ending - well, it's Othello, remember)

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