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Love you friend

Too much Sean in the morning ...

Tonight I was in a zoo. Sean was there, too!  He was talking to us about ... I don't know  (I confess,  I haven't properly listened at all!) And after this he was shaking hands and selling ice cream. I didn't like this ice cream, but of course I had to go and buy some ... it tasted awful - but he was adorable and held my hand for such a long time ....
Later I tried to go home, but I couldn't find my car any more. So I decided to buy a new ticket for the zoo, to meet Sean again.

Then ... the  alarm clock rings ... damn clock!

LOL, I fear, I'm a little bit confused today - too much Sean in the morning! Sorry for spaming!

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Awww what a sweet dream! I'd have bought lots of ice cream!

Darn alarm clock!

Yes, it was a nice dream - and it was hard to wake up. ;-)

What a lovely dream.
Too much Sean? This is NOT possible, Prisca :-)

You are sooo right! Too much Sean is impossible! ;-)

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