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SN-young dean

Advent Calender 2016 / Day 5 / FanFiction

Today another short ficlet, originally written for comment_fic Another fandom I love so much: Supernatural - weechesters.

Title: First snow
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Dean & Sam Winchester (weechesters)
Rating: G
Word Count: 337
Challenge: Supernatural: Weechesters, Sammy’s first snow
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own Supernatural nor the character :( - I'm just borrowing them for a while

Dean was startled out of his sleep by the outcry of his little brother. Immediately he was wide awake. His father had warned him often enough to be on the watch anytime.

"It's important, Dean. When I can't be around, it's up to you to take care of Sammy. He's still too young to understand."

And Dean had felt torn apart. He was proud that his father put that much trust into him. But then again the responsibility was somehow frightening. What, if he failed one day? He knew, his father would never forgive him if something would happen to Sam. And he himself wouldn't, neither.

Still drowsy, Dean looked over to the old sofa where Sammy should be sleeping. But besides of the old, rumpled blanket, it was empty. Almost panicking Dean jumped up, looking around in the small hut, expecting the worst. The relief was immense when he found his little brother standing in front of the small window; shoeless, only in his boxers, despite the cold in the hut.


No answer.

Slightly annoyed Dean walked over to him and grabbed for his shoulder to shake him.
"What are you doing here? You are freezing to death.“

Sam stared at him with wide open eyes, then he pointed outside with his little fingers. Dean blinked, once, twice. The world hand changed overnight. Yesterday the hut had been standing on a small clearing; a meadow, some trees, a small woodshed. Now everything has vanished under a thick, white snow cover.

Dean laughed out loud, all his anger gone. He had always liked winter more than hot, sticky summer days. The little boy beside him looked at him questioningly.

"Snow, Sammy," explained Dean.
"That's snow."

„Snowman,“ Sam asked, remembering a story, Dean had told him some days ago.

Dean smiled wide and nodded.
„Yeah. We can dress up and go outside to build a snowman. Would you like that?“

Sammy's eyes sparkled with excitement while he grabbed for his sweater.
„Snowman,“ he repeated.
"I like!"

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I saw an episode of Supernatural for the first time two weeks ago btw. Thank you so much for the lovely holiday card dear, I received it today and it is much appreciated!

I like Supernatural and a lot of the characters. Maybe you try and watch from the beginning.

Oh, the card is already there ?!?! Yeah. And I was already worried that maybe it wouldn't arrive before Christmas because I was too late again.

Awww, this is so sweet, my dear. I can so picture little Sam and protective Dean...
Thank you so much for this, very very well done. I'd like to post the link to your ficlet if you don't mind ? I'm sure our friends will love it and I want to get sure they won't miss it!

I'm glad you like. If you want to post a link to this story, sure, you can :)

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