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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Some very small ficlets

Oh, I love this new icon casey28 did make. It always makes me think about Casey and Zeke as Snowmen ;) (I know, I'm a hopeless fangirl)

Today it's time for the re-post of some very, very small stories. Originally written for the fffc Quick Creation Game in October and for some of the wonderful pics our julchen11 posts every day.

Fandom: The Faculty
Rating: PG - PG13
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters

Challenge at fffc: write a three sentence story to a given prompt

Casey felt relieved when he had finally left the crowded airport behind. He had always dreamed about it to be an ace photographer one day, but the last two weeks had given him a reality check.

All he wanted now was to rush to Zeke and promise him, that he would never leave him alone again.

"Well," Zeke said and smirked,"I've major doubts that what we have noticed in the woods was a werewolf."

Casey shook his head about so much ignorance.
"You did fight Aliens once who tried to take over the world; one should think that you are more open for the impossible."

Zeke stared at the big heart-shaped box of chocolates in the hands on his best friend; the sudden jealousy rushing through his body made him tremble.

"Don't tell me that you have a date with bitchy Delilah," he tried to make a joke.

With a wide grin on his face, Casey answered:"Don't worry, I have a date with a very nice, old lady, my grandma; and she can't wait to get to know the guy I'm fallen in love into."

And now some bits, written for two of julchen11's pics

Picture here

Casey was standing at the fence, taking in the beautiful sight. He loved it to come here in the early morning hours when everyone else was still asleep. Then it was just him, the trees, almost bald now; the fog, thick and wet sometimes, but not scaring; the sun, fighting to come to life, to give at least some comforting warmth. A lot of people called November a dark and sad month. Not though Casey. For him, it was as if the nature was just preparing for a well-deserved rest.

Picture here

After Mary Beth he had been sure, that he would never ever be able to move on again. As much as his parents tried to help him, the teachers, the shrink, even the others students who had never cared about him before. But Casey had felt like paralyzed.

Until one day Zeke forced him to a trip into the lonely woods nearby. The world outside was frozen stiff but in the small hut, it was warm and comfortable. And when Zeke pulled him into his arms to hold him, Casey was able to relax for the first time since months.

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Love these, Prisca. Especially the one based on the fence in the misty autumn morning.

Thank you. To write these small ficlets can be a lot of fun, especially when words refuse to flow as wished.

Love all of these wonderful scenes with our boys! Laughed at the box of chocolates date. And the last one was just yummy xxx

I'm so glad that you love the icon! *hugs*

They're all wonderful. "Heart-shaped" made me smile, and I love the imagery in "One", and the idea of nature "preparing for a well-deserved rest".

Thank you :) These little ficlets can be so much fun, especially when the muse refuses to work as expected.

Love all of them, prisca!!! I'm overwhelmed the Pictures I posted inspired you to write These wonderful drabbles. You definitely made my morning!!!
Thank youuuu! *twirls you around*

I'm glad you like them :) **hugs** and thanks for reading.

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