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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - 2 little ficlets

And it's Cazekiel Day again. Today I will re-post two short ficlets I've written for my fanfic50 table (though the community actually doesn't exist anymore I really want to finish my table ... maybe ... one day ... ) Have fun!

Title: Undercover agent
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey, Zeke
Word Count: 631 words
Challenge: undercover
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters

With shaking hands Casey grabbed for the 'Herrington Post' – usually, he didn't read this local rag, but the headline had attracted his attention.

Secret razzia on a suspected drug house failed. Undercover agent found out and badly injured.

Zeke. The shock almost took his breath away while he was looking for hold at the wall behind him.

Since Zeke had started to work undercover for the Herrington Police Forces about six months ago Casey had had his problems to find rest in the night. But it felt as if he had no right to talk it out of him. Zeke had worked hard for this position; it was what he had always wanted to do. And he never protested when Casey was going in for one of his photo tours for the magazines he was working for. So it was just fair.

In this moment though it felt as if all his nightmares had come true. He left the trolly with the groceries behind and fled out of the K-Mart like in a haze. All he wanted was to go home. Where maybe an officer with the bad news would already wait for him. Or maybe not. Not always the family members of an undercover agent got informed quickly. And he wasn't even an official family member; just the guy who was living together with Zeke. He actually had no right to get any information.

Casey felt tears pricking in his eyes while he tried to put the key into the door lock of the apartment. All of a sudden it was torn open and made him jump backward, almost losing his balance. But strong hands grabbed for him, afforded him hold.

„Hey, hey, slow down.“

Casey gasped for air.
„Zeke,“ he whispered, feeling dizzy.
„It's you?“

The tall guy smirked.
„I guess. Did you expect anyone else?“

„You are back. This guy in the article … It wasn't you.“

Suddenly Zeke started to understand.
„The Post again. They are always the first talking with the dead. You should know better than to take this shit for serious.“

Still trembling Casey leaned against his boyfriend who pulled him into a hearty embrace.
„ I thought I would never see you again. That no one would tell me how are you doing.“
The shock had held him up so far but the relief that Zeke was okay let him finally break down. He couldn't hold back his tears anymore.

It was about half an hour later. Casey was sitting at the kitchen counter with a mug of hot cocoa in front of him. Only slowly he started to recover from the nightmare he had had to go through. Zeke, a cup of coffee in his hands, watched him thoughtfully.

„Why did you never tell me,“ he asked.
„That you hate it so much what I'm doing.“

„It's the job you always wanted to do. I thought I would learn to deal with it.“

Zeke shrugged; as often, when it comes to his feelings, he got stuck for the right words.
„That was before you,“ he finally answered.
„I was a loner, only responsible for myself. Otherwise, I would never have started the special training.

Sorry that I didn't notice how hard it is for you. I'm afraid, sometimes I'm still a selfish dumbhead."
He bent forward to place a kiss on Casey's forehead.
„But don't worry, I will quit. First thing tomorrow morning. I can go back to the fraud squad. Mostly sitting in an office, in front of a computer. Almost regular working hours. I will come home to you every evening.“

Casey blinked his last tears away.
„But that's lame,“ he protested halfhearted.
"Not the job you love."

„Oh, it's not the worst, either.“
Zeke smiled.
„And I love you more than any job in the world. That's all that counts.“

Unbenannt - 2.jpg

Title: Haircut
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey, Zeke
Word Count: 334 words
Challenge: hair
Disclaimer: of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the characters

„What the hell ...“

Zeke stared at his best friend who was just coming home from a two-week-photography-seminar. To be honest, he had missed him, much more than expected. So he had offered to go to the bus station and pick him up.

He hadn't been prepared for that. Casey's brown hair was always slightly messy, especially when it was a bit longer. Zeke had always liked it this way; it was so Casey that he didn't try to follow the newest trends; he liked his wide denim, stupid checkered shirts and didn't mind some curls falling into his forehead.

But now Zeke had needed to look twice to recognize him. The same blue eyes, the same wide smile … but the hair? Gone. Shaved. Shorter than short.

Casey dropped his backpack onto the ground and tried to pull him into a hearty embrace. But Zeke stepped back.

„What have you done,“ he asked, not able to hide his shock.

Casey grinned wide and run his fingers over his hair.
„It's cool, don't you think so?“

„It's awful. That's so not you.“

„Oh, c'mon, Zeke, don't be that boring. Most guys in the photo course shaved their hair, some of them even complete. Have you ever noticed how hot a bold head looks like?“

Zeke cringed inwardly and pulled his face.
„Sure, when you are into 50-year-old guys.“

Casey chuckled hilariously.
„Wait, until you've seen my photos. Daryl, he's twenty. Bold head, tattoos, and a piercing. Holy shit, he's so photogenic.“

Zeke paled visibly.
„Don't tell me that you also got a tattoo.“

„I was thinking about it. But a good tattoo is pretty expensive; this will have to wait until I will have my first well-paid job.“

Good. The relief Zeke felt was immense. The hair would grow again, a tattoo would be forever. And he would do all to bring Casey back to terms before it was too late. That was for sure.
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