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F-Zeke Tyler giggle

Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - 2 small ficlets

Today I will re-post two short Faculty-ficlets, originally written for comment_fic and fanfic50. I hope you will like them.

Title: A surprising birthday present
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey, Zeke
Comment_fic: any, any, chocolate fudge
Word Count: 100 words (a drabble)
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

Full of mistrust Casey stared at the small box in Zeke's hands; this was just a stupid joke, wasn't it?Zeke Tyler, the king at school, didn't care about anyone else but himself, so, why should he remember his birthday?

"You will regret it when you turn this down," Zeke told him and finally, the curiosity prevailed over the wariness.

Casey was greeted by the yummy smell of chocolate and fudge when he opened the top of the box; chocolate fudge, his favorite sweets, and he couldn't resist any longer.

"Homemade," Zeke said, grinning like a Cheshire cat,"only for you, geek-boy.“

Title: A trip at night
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey, Zeke
Fan_Fic50: Morgue
Word Count: 164 words
Rating: PG13 / R
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

When Zeke stopped the GTO in front of the large, flat, gray building, Casey stiffened. For sure this was not what he had expected; a lonely place, yes, the lake in the park, the old shed in the woods. But … the Morgue???

Zeke noticed his half shocked, half surprised face and grinned.
„I hope you are not afraid of ghosts?“

„When this is a joke, Zeke, it's a bad one.“

Casey couldn't hide the trembling in his voice and Zeke grinned even wider, pulled up his eyebrows.
„But you have told me, that you wants to try something new. Can you imagine something more exciting than sex at full moon in front of the Morgue?“

Casey huffed. Oh, how much he hated this. Zeke knew all too well how to drive him crazy; in this moment he looked hot beyond words. And heat and desire were rushing through his body.

„You are an ass,“ he murmured.

„I know!“
Zeke bent forward, pulled him into his arms and started to kiss him.
„That's why you love me.“

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It warms my heart thinking of Zeke making homemade chocolates for Casey. :))

I'd be wary of that, too, Casey, lol!

They make a great pairing, indeed. Zeke always comes up with the best ideas to surprise Casey.

Cheshire cat, that's so great.
Both ficlets warmed my heart. Thank you my dear. Now I will go to bed with the boys in my head -:)) ♥♥♥

Thank you :) It makes me happy that you like this little ficlets.

I can't remember one ficlet or story written by you I didn't like!

I have a feeling that fudge might have some of Zeke's magic dust in it! And the morgue, woah, that is a very creepy place to make out! Zeke is a real devil here but always wicked hot :-)) xxx

Well, Zeke is always good for a surprise ;)

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