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FanFiction Jeremiah // Libby (a Drabble)

I did it - my first drabble ...

Fandom: Jeremiah
Characters: Mr. Smith / Libby
Words: 100 (drabble)

She looked at him with deep sadness.

“Why are you living and I'm dead?”

“I'm sorry,” he whispered.
“It was our destiny. You had to die. I had to kill you. The world was without any future as long as you were alive. You would have destroyed it.”

“And what's with my future? I wanted to live. I wanted to love.”

“I know,” he said mournful. „I know!“

Libby's face started to vanish. First the contour, her brown hair, her small nose, her soft mouth. The eyes remained up to the end. Sad, lost eyes.

Finally he did wake up.

revised 07.03.2015

Tags: drabble, fan fiction, jeremiah, revised work
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