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Fan Fiction - various 10-word-comment-fics

Last week we had a 10-word-fic challenge at comment_fic This means to write a story with exactly 10 words (or the multiple of it) . I had a lot of fun and I want to share the short ficlets with all of you now.

Prompt: Any, Any, cosmically connected
Fill: 50 words, The Faculty

Casey tiptoed to kiss his boyfriend; he looked so terribly lost that he almost wished to be able to change his plans.

„No matter what comes, we are cosmically connected and nothing can change this!“

Finally Zeke smiled.
„Just come back to me in one piece, geek boy!“


Prompt: Any, Any, relic
Fill: 30 words, The Faculty

Zeke eyed him grinning; no, not much had changed; still the same geek.
„Get it, you are a relic hunter now. But where are your fedora and the bullwhip?“


Prompt: Any, Any, soulmate tattoo
Fill: 50 words, The Faculty

Zeke looked into Casey's determined sparkling eyes and smirked.
"You sure?"

"Yeah. Everyone can know that we are soulmates."

"Your dad will probably kill me when you come home with a tattoo."

Casey laughed and kissed him.
"Don't worry, my mom will hold him back; she loves you to pieces."


Prompt: Any, Any, this is war
Fill: 40 words - Jeremiah (TV)

Erin watched the long convoy, loaded with men and weapons, leaving the Mountain and sighed.
„So, this is war,“ she asked.

Smith thought about God's last message and shock his head.
„No, this is just a small intermezzo.“


Prompt: The Walking Dead, Beth Greene/Daryl Dixon, smile
Fill: 20 words

He couldn't remember anymore when he had smiled last. But he did when he met Beth for the first time.


Prompt: The X-Files, Dana Scully, Dragon?
Fill: 20 words

"Dragons? Really?"
Scully looked at her partner bewildered.
"Well, maybe you shouldn't watch so much 'Game of Thrones' every night."


Prompt: Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, An afternoon with Grace
Fill: 30 words

Steve would have never called himself a big fan of children. And he was surprised how much he had enjoyed this afternoon at the beach together with Danno and Grace.


Prompt: Supernatural, Crowley+/any, drinking
Fill: 30 words

Crowley stared at the drink in front of him. He could still remember the evenings together with demon!Dean and he knew this would never change till the end of time.
Tags: casey & zeke, comment-fic, fan fiction, hawaii five-o, mini-fills, re-post, supernatural, walking dead, x-files
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