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Fan Fiction - Supernatural (The wheechesters) - Hide and Seek

As (almost) ever also written for comment_fic.

Title: Hide & Seek
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: whee Sam, young Dean, John Winchester
Prompt: Supernatural, weechesters, playing in the rain
Word Count: 600 words
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: sadly not mine, of course

Feeling worn out John was finally on his way back to the old shack in the woods, which was their home for some weeks. It had been a dreadfully long day; it seemed as if the autumn storm which was raging over the town since a week, had pulled in every kind of monsters.

When the Impala rolled onto the small clearing, he stiffened. A small, dark figure was running through the rain, hiding behind a tree, obviously observing the shack. A ghost? A daemon? A monster he had missed to kill and which was now threatening his sons?

John was able to deal with almost every situation, but since be had witnessed his beloved wife burning to death, the thought that something similar might happen to his sons one day, too, was his biggest nightmare. He tried to teach Dean to take care of himself and of his little brother, he was a good and willing student but still so inexperienced. Too young for a life as a hunter, John knew this well enough.

He closed his eyes, tried to calm down himself. This was just a case like all the others; kill the monster, save the clueless victims. The moment he left the car, he could hear it.

A suppressed laugh, then: “Dean! C'mon and find me.“

John paled, relief and anger rushing through his body. Leaving every caution behind he rushed over to the small, dark figure; grabbed the arm and pulled the small body around. Startled Sam cried out, staring into the dark eyes of his father, not recognizing him in the first shock.

Only a moment later Dean.
„Sam? Sammy? What's happened?“

The fear in his voice was hard to ignore. Only a second later he was there, a big knife in his hands. He stopped dead when he recognized his father.

„What the hell is going on here, Dean,“ John bellowed.
„What about the order: 'Don't leave the house' you didn't understand? How can you bring Sammy into this danger?“

Sam started to sniffle; if tears or just the rain were wetting his pale face was hard to say. Dean stretched out his hand to wipe them away, then he turned to his father. Defiance was sparkling in his eyes, John had never noticed before; Dean had learned to trust his father and to follow his words without any protest.

„He wasn't in danger. I've double-checked the surrounding before going out with him.“

„Was there a reason to do that? Like, a real threat inside the shack?“

„Nothing like that, no.“
Dean shook his head.
„But Sam had a nightmare, the air in the shack was so muggy and he was so afraid. I needed to find something to distract him. Sammy loves playing Hide and Seek.“

John closed his eyes for the split of the second. Once again he wished Mary would still be around; not only that he missed his wife, the boys needed a mother; a mother who would be able to understand what was going on in their heads. Hide and seek? A storm was raging, the world was taken over by all kind of monsters, and Dean decided to play Hide and Seek with his little brother? Not sure what to think of this, John finally loosed his grip around Sam's arm.

„C'mon, let's get back inside, change clothes. We are all wet to the bones and we don't want to catch a cold.“

Protective Dean put his arm around the shoulder of his little brother before following his father.
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