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FanFiction Jeremiah // The promise

Characters: Mr. Smith / Theo
Rating: G
Words: 420
Warning: character death
A/N: big hugs to my beta belleferret

revised story January 2016

This story takes place a few months / maybe one year after: Child of hope

Lost in thoughts, he was sitting in an old armchair in a remote room of Thunder Mountain. Once again he had looked for solitude, but this time, he was disturbed abruptly when Erin entered the room.

“Smith! Thank heavens. I'm looking for you already for a while. Theo wants to see you.”

Theo! He actually had never been very close to her, but they would always be connected by the memories at that special night when Theo had given birth to her little daughter. Back then life begun. Today life would come to an end. He had known it even before they had brought her back to the Mountain after the gunfight. The doc tried his best to help her but it would be in vain. God had told him that she wouldn't survive this night.

Theo seems to sleep when he entered the hospital ward of the Mountain, but as if she felt his presence she licked her dry lips.

“I‘m here!”

Theo smiled weakly, she looked pale, her face sunken in.
“Smith! Please, promise me.”
The voice only a whisper, hard to understand, but he knew anyway what she wanted to ask him.
“Hope. She is still so small. Don’t let anyone hurts her.”

“Nothing will happen to her. I‘ll will take her to a place where she is safe."

Theo forced her eyes open, she looked terrified.
“You ... will to send her away? Please, don't let her be alone. Smith...”

He reached for her hand and squeezed it softly.
“She'll never be alone. She'll be loved. She'll go to school and learn. And she'll never forget who her mother was.“

Theo shook her head.
“No. There’s no place like that, not anymore. Not in this world.”

Pictures were crossing his mind, he could see this place, like he could see the face of a little girl who was living there. He smiled when he answered.
“Trust me! I've seen places like this. One is really close, an old convent. She lives there, too. Rose, my daughter.”

Theo's eyes widened in surprise.
“Your ... you have a ... daughter?”

“Yes,” he said.

For a while they kept quiet, Theo had closed her eyes again, her strength seemed used up. All Smith could do was to sit by her side, hold her hand ... and wait.



“Tell me about her!”

And for the first time in his life he talked about his deepest secret. About Rose - about his love, his hopes and his fears.

the end
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