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It's a birthday today ... ( Fanfiction - Jeremiah - Birthday)

I hope, you will have a nice day!

And now - a little birthday-fic for you (maybe the beta is not as good than yours, sorry ;-) )

Kurdy was used to it that Smith talked only rarely about his plans. But today he acted even more mysterious than usual.

"Where are we actually going?"

"To a birthday party!"

Kurdy slammed on the brake and Smith banged his head against the windscreen. But Kurdy ignored his yelp, wondering if Smith had lost his mind now.

"To ... WHAT?"

"A birthday party!"

So he hadn't gotten it wrong.
"Today is your birthday?"

Smith pulled a face.
"Of course not! Did I say that it's my party? Come on, Kurdy, don't be stupid. Keep going, and we'll arrive soon."

Kurdy snorted softly and drove the jeep back onto the road. He knew well enough, his questions would go nowhere. When Smith was acting so mysterious, it was usually better just to accept it. Only some minutes later they stopped in front of a big house and the memories hit Kurdy.
"We've already been here some months ago. This is the children's home."

Without further ado, Smith knocked at the door. When an elderly nun opened he bent his head and said: "This is Kurdy! I think, it's time to tell him."

The nun smiled and answered with a soft voice.
"She is in the garden."

And Smith went straight around the house, followed by Kurdy. The garden behind it was empty. Or ... wait. A little girl was sitting under a big tree, almost invisible, a paper on her knees, painting. Suddenly she seems to sense their presence, she looked up and a wide smile run over her face.

She jumped up and ran towards them. Smith caught her in his arms, pulled her close and whispered: "Happy birthday, sweetheart!"

Kurdy observed the scene dumbfounded. He was on the road with Smith since a long time now. They had gone through a lot together. He knew more about Smith's mysterious talks with God and about his nightmares than anyone else. But this ...
Smith had a daughter? That was hard to believe.

The little girl freed herself out of Smith's arms.
"Sister Hannah asked me to wait here until they call me," she said.
Then she turned to Kurdy and she smiled at him, not surprised in the slightest to see him here.
"It's my birthday today, you know."

Only slowly Kurdy recovered from his surprise.
"Yeah, I've heard that."
He hesitated for a short moment. Then he reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small package, carefully wrapped in a soft rag. His hand was trembling only slightly when he handed it to her. She looked surprised.

"For me?"

"Of course! It's your birthday, isn't it? So this is your birthday present."

Thoughtfully she pushed forward her lower lip.
"I've never got a birthday present before!"

Kurdy smiled.
"Well, I guess then it's high time to start with it."

He put the package into her small hand. She held it, let her other hand ran over the soft material softly. Finally, she unfolded it. Kurdy closed his eyes for a second, then he heard her surprised outcry and he relaxed again. It was the right thing to give it to her. Elizabeth would see it that way, too.
When he opened his eyes again she was still standing there, staring at the little brown dog. The sun was sparkling on the glass and the little girl was beaming with joy.

"Rose! Rose!"

She looked up when other children were calling for her. But before she ran over to them, she threw her arms around Kurdy and squeezed him. Smith followed her with his eyes, smiling. It didn't happen often that she was so happy. Finally, he glanced at Kurdy.

"Thank you", he whispered.
"That was nice."

Kurdy shrugged.
"Bullshit", he growled.
"This stupid dog was just a burden. I've brought it along for Elizabeth, you know, she loved these glass figurines. But before I could give it to her .... she was dead."

His eyes darkened, to think about this day did still hurt. This moment Rose came back into the garden.

"Daddy! Daddy, Sister Laura has baked a cake. A cake, just for me. With candles on it. She says, if I blow them out at once, I can make a wish."

She glanced at Kurdy who was still standing there lost in thoughts. Carefully she touched his hand.
"Mr. Kurdy? Do you want to help me?"

Kurdy looked down to her and smiled.
"Sure! Let's go!"

Smith watched the unlike couple, how they went back into the house hand in hand. And he knew it had been a good decision to bring them both together.
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