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Fan Fiction - Jeremiah - Three varios comment_fics

I think it might be time for some Jeremiah again - I've written these fics ages ago, but never posted them here.

Title: Lonely nights
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Characters: Mr. Smith
Prompt: any. any. There's darkness in us.
Word Count:  100 words
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

He stiffened when she tried to pull him into her arms.
"This is not the time for love and happiness," he protested.
"There is darkness in all of us. We are all doomed."

She smiled softly; this smile which had reached his heart the moment he had noticed it. A bright light in the night, a spark of hope.

"It's nothing wrong with it to forget at least for some hours," she whispered and kissed him again.
"Stay with me and you will find the peace you are looking for."

Unable to resist for longer he just let it happen.


Title: When the time is turned back
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Characters: Mr. Smith, Libby Kaufman
Prompt: Timey Wimey = author's choice, author's choice, given the chance to fix things (or unintentionally make things worse)
Word Count: 334 words
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

Smith felt the urge to cry. He couldn't say how this had happened, but what did he actually know about god's plans? When he decided to turn the time back he could do it. And Smith would have to go through hell once again.

Libby. Everyone in the Mountain liked the young woman, and for Jeremiah she meant all. No one knew about her secret; that she was working together with Daniel, the guy who was determined to destroy the Mountain, to kill everyone who was living there.

It had been a shock when Smith had found out. It had happened in the little church of Ridgeway when he overheard her talk with this guy. When Libby noticed that her secret was out she had tried to kill him. But for whatever reason he had carried a gun himself. Though he hated guns. It had been a reflex that he shot back.

The detonation. The blood. Her distorted body. Smith squeezed his eyes shut to suppress the pictures. Why? Why did God want him to go through this once again?

"Hello, Smith. What are you doing?"

Libby's voice, warm and friendly as ever, tore him out of his thoughts. He cringed inwardly. This was wrong. She shouldn't be here. She was supposed to be on her way to Ridgeway, to betray all of them. Only half an hour later she would be dead. It was her fate. The future of Thunder Mountain depended on it that she went to the church where he would kill her.

"There is this farm on the other side of the town.," he answered.
"I wonder if you could bring me there?"

Libby blinked before she nodded smiling.
"Sure, why not. We can take Jeremiah's jeep."

Only a moment later they had left the town. And Smith knew, for today she would be safe. But maybe he had just sealed the fate of everyone who was living in the safety of Thunder Mountain because he had changed the timeline.


Title: Childhood memories
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Characters: Mr. Smith, Kurdy Malloy
Prompt:Any, any family of choice: childhood memories
Word Count: 228 words
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

Kurdy frowned while listening to the stories Smith shared with the two other guys at the table. Grown up in a small town in California; Hillsdale; a happy family; Mom, Dad, two children. Hot summer days, spent at a lake together with his little sister. His dad, teaching him to ride his bike, a brand new one he had gotten for his fifth birthday.

But only two days ago Smith had told him that he was born in New York, grown up by a nanny, because his parents didn't care much about him. Later he was sent to a boarding school, which had been difficult at first because he was used to it to be alone; the only child in the family.

This didn't make any sense. But then; what did make sense when it comes to Smith? The little man who insisted that God had saved his life some times ago; that he was his messenger now. His mysterious prophecies always gave Kurdy the creeps; especially because they turned out to be true often enough.

Suddenly he felt piercing eyes resting on him. Green-brown eyes, always looking slightly lost and sad. Even the smile on the lips couldn't change this.

It was as if Smith could his mind, his questions, and doubts and as if he tried to tell him:
"Trust me. One day you will understand."
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