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Fan Fiction - Casey & Zeke - Confession

Hurrah, I'm did write a mini-fill at comment_fic today :) And I want to share it with you, maybe you will like it.

Title: Confession
Fandom: The Faculty
Characters: Casey / Zeke
Prompt: author's choice, author's choice, "I miss you, even when I'm not horny."
Word Count: 222
Rating: R
Disclaimer: not mine, of course

Casey stared at his lover. He looked so good, as ever after a round of hot sex; totally relaxed he was lying on his back, eyes closed, smoking. Casey loved these moments of nearness, sometimes even more than the sex itself. It happened only rarely that Zeke allowed him a glance behind his shell; usually, he put on the mask of the tough guy who didn't care much about others. He needed some distance to feel safe.

Casey had never fooled himself about their relationship; it was all about sex, good sex and he was determined to get as much of it as possible. Even more shocking Zeke's suggestion to go out into a movie or a club, maybe both, next weekend.

"You asked me for a date?"
He wasn't sure if he had heard right.

Zeke grinned wide and Casey felt the heat rushing through his body. Holy shit, he was hot!
"That's what people do when they are in a relationship; they leave the bed at least now and then."

The world almost stopped turning around; Casey gasped for air.
"We are in a relationship?"
How embarrassing. What a stupid kind of question was this?

Suddenly Zeke looked more serious, his smile almost shy.
"I hope so," he murmured.
"Because, you know, I miss you, even when I'm not horny."
Tags: casey & zeke, comment-fic, fan fiction
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