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FanFiction - various Comment_fics / Fandoms

And because I think it's a good start back into my writing life, here are some short comment_fics I've written some time ago but never posted in my journal.

Good morning
Fandom: The Faculty
Words: 58
Prompt: 3 sentence fic = morning sex

"Casey," Zeke growled, only half awake, "there is one thing you need to learn about me: I'm so not a morning person."

"You are not," his boyfriend asked teasing, and in the same moment he pounced on him; tickled him, kissed him, bit him softly. It didn't last long and all parts of Zeke's body were fully awake.


Ghosts in the darkness
Fandom: Jeremiah (TV)
Words: 82
Prompt: 3 sentence fic - ghosts

Kurdy stared at the dark, foggy wall in front of them and huffed slightly annoyed; he should have known it: a mission together with Smith would never go like expected. All he wanted was to bring this job to an end as quick as possible and go back to Mountain.

"Don't tell me that you are afraid of ghosts!"

"Whatever is waiting for us in this forest, it's much more horrible than every ghost you can imagine," Smith answered and shuddered visibly.


First touch
Fandom: The Faculty
Words: 25
Prompt: 25 words =  tender

Startled Casey almost jumped back when Zeke touched his cheek tenderly.

The boy smirked.
"Don't worry. I would never hurt you, don't you know this?"


Strange feelings
Fandom: The Faculty
Words 50
Prompt: 25 words (or the multiple of it) = This is weird

Zeke was lying on his bed wide awake. This was weird. He was the king at school, every guy respected him, all girls were crazy about him. But since he shared a lab-table with this new boy in class he couldn't think about anything else but his amazing blue eyes.


Forbidden Dreams
Fandom: Supernatural (TV) - Sam, Gabriel
Words: 50
25 words (or the multiple of it) = wall sex

Sam did wake up startled; shaking, gasping for air. He could still feel his lover's strong hands, pressing him against the wall, taking possession of his body. Gabriel, the trickster, the fourth archangel. Dean insisted on better not to trust him, but Sam couldn't get him out of his head.


The camera
Fandom: The Faculty
Words: 110
Prompt: 3-sentence-fic = pain

The pain rushed through his body, he cringed and yelped out while Gabe and his friends turned his beloved camera into a football ... no, no, no; they teased and bullied him since he could remember but never before he had felt desperate like this.

Someone touched his arm surprisingly softly and when he opened his eyes again, Zeke Tyler was standing in front of him; the bad boy from school who didn't care about anyone else but himself. A strange smile on his lips, the camera with the broken lens in his hands, he helped Casey up and said: "Let's go to my garage, I guess I can repair this."

Tags: casey & zeke, comment-fic, fan fiction, jeremiah, mini-fills, supernatural
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