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FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Reboot Universe ( The Hidden Library - Part 3 )

Today the last chapter of my 'Bingo-Story', written for 'Get your words out'

The Prompt-Pic

Title: The Hidden Library (3)
Fandom: The Faculty / Jeremiah TV (Reboot-Universe)
Character: Zeke & Casey
Rating: R
Word Count: 1153
Disclaimer: Of course, I don't own The Faculty nor the character :( - I'm just borrowing them for a while

What you should know about my Reboot-Universe:
This Universe is a x-over between The Faculty (movie) and Jeremiah (TV-series). You don't need to know anything about Jeremiah nor The Faculty to read these stories, but if you do some elements will be quite familiar to you. Please notice: Not movie conform.

Short summary: Casey had been able to fight the alien queen who tried to take over the world, but her death released a virus which killed almost everyone older than twenty. Casey & Zeke are on the road since some months, looking for a place named 'Thunder Mountain'.

"Case, calm down, okay," Zeke begged him.
"I'm sure he is a good guy. He takes care of her. As good as he can. Difficult times, you know that."

"She needs more than this," Casey answered. He was so not in the mood to think rational.
"What kind of life is awaiting her when she gets older, Zeke? It's ... a whorehouse. You know what will happen."

Zeke sighed. He knew what Casey was thinking about. But to take her with them, even only for a short time, like they had already done it before, was not an option. Not this time. In the Chevrolet was no room for the little girl. He couldn't help it, she gave him the creeps, and all his instincts outright cried to leave this place, to leave her behind as soon as possible.

"Maybe," he admitted.
"Maybe not. She is not like others."

Casey's eyes sparkled annoyed when he looked at Zeke.
"That's ridiculous. She is just a scared, little girl," he hissed.

"Well, but even you have to admit that all she says is everything but normal. And her eyes ..."
He shuddered when he thought about her dark green-brown eyes.
"She reminds me of this creepy guy in Herrington with all his mystery prophecies."

For a moment Casey kept quiet until all his tension slowly melted away.
"That again. He was pretty alone, Zeke, and even though his words sounded weird, he did believe in them. We all need a goal we can strive for.

I'm thankful because without my mission I wouldn't be here ... together with you."

Zeke pulled him into his arms for a gentle kiss.
"I don't regret it," he reassured him softly.
"I don't regret to be on the road together with you. But if I would meet him again I would hit all the shit out of him. For all, he had done to you. All the nightmares, all the danger out here. In Herrington, you would be safer."

A smile sneaked on Casey's face while he thought about the Merriot Hotel and all his friends he had left behind.
"Herrington would be good for Rose, too. Greta. Ben and Jason. Other children to play with."

Zeke eyed him thoughtfully. This was not what he had expected.
"Ohio is far away," he said.
"And I can't promise if we ever will be able to come back here; it gets more and more difficult to find gas for the Chevrolet."

He thought at the documents he had found in one of the boxes; documents about a military experimental laboratory in the mountains. Nothing concrete, but enough to convince him that it possibly was identical with the resort the guy had talked about, with Thunder Mountain. The most part of the complex built into the mountain, protected by a large, steel gate and barbed wired fences. When people were able to survive the Big Death in a monastery, then it was even more possible that they could survive entirely isolated under a mountain, too.

There hadn't been many details about the position of the lab; somewhere in the Bighorn Mountains, for sure in the backcountry, with not many towns and villages around, no one who would ask curious questions. But there was also this old newspaper article, talking about streets, which seemed to end in the nowhere. Helicopters at night; parachutists and airdropped, small boxes. Next to the Crow Reservation. Only about 70 miles away. The Indians had always preferred to live with their own traditions and not to care much about the newest technical advance. If he would have to build a secret lab he would choose a place like that.

So maybe they had almost reached their goal. All the time Casey had been the one who was convinced that this moment would come. How often had Zeke secretly hoped that he would finally accept it that his mission was not more than a product of a muddle-headed guy? But now, where he seemed to be willing to go back to Herrington where hopefully their friends would waiting for them, Zeke felt the urge to shake him.

"Are you ready to give up," he asked.
"We were looking for Thunder Mountain for so long."

"The darkness is coming."
The voice made him jump. Holy shit, this girl was like a ghost, how was it possible that she was back again and they hadn't even noticed her coming down the stairs?
"But there is still hope. You need to go to Thunder Mountain."

Zeke stiffened and gasped for air. No, this was too much.
"Case? Let's split," he hissed and grabbed his arm, ready to drag him upstairs if it was necessary, out of the library which had lost all his magic, out of the whorehouse. They would get into the Chevrolet, back on the road again. Driving, just driving, as far away as possible.

But Casey freed himself out of his grip and kneeled down in front of Rose.
His voice soft as ever.
"From where do you know this name? Thunder Mountain."

She looked at him solemn, finally, she shrugged.
"It's no one around to play with anymore," she murmured.

Zeke cringed inwardly when he noticed the wide smile which suddenly spread on Casey's face. As if she had told him something nice.

"I don't know if there are other children in Thunder Mountain," Casey said to Rose.
"But I know a place you would like. It's a school. A lot of children are living there, they learn ... and they play."


"I will miss her," the big guy growled when Michelle's old jeep finally vanished in a cloud of dust.

"It's best for her," Casey answered.

The guy pulled the face.
"Sure it is. Every place is better for her than this."
He pointed at the big house behind him; excessive noise, loud voices and an outcry of a woman could be heard.
"Sorry, guys, I need to go back inside. Good luck with your mission."

Zeke smirked slightly.
"Who would have thought that? This guy can get pretty sentimental."

Casey eyed him thoughtfully.
"You are glad that she's gone, right?"

Zeke kept quiet, unable to hide his relief.
"I'm glad that you found this solution," he finally murmured.

It was the best for all of them. When there was a place where Rose would get the help she obviously needed it was the school. Sister Hannah would hopefully find a way to reach her. And Michelle would bring her there safely; the young woman hadn't hesitated to accept this task after she had heard about the old convent which was a school for homeless children now.

And he and Casey, they would be back on the roads, northwards, the Crow Reservation, maybe Thunder Mountain. Whatever would await them there. But as long as he was together with Casey he was ready for just everything.

the end
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