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About squirrels and cats

I do this only rarely but I want to share this video with you. Sorry, it's only in German (translation under the cut) but I think it's cute anyway and you will hopefully like it.

The worst is already laying behind these few days old squirrel babies from the Ukraine. Because they were lucky and found all they need (love and milk) by a cat mummy.
There own mother had left them right after they were born. Fortunately, they were found in time and brought to the police. They asked Karina Verngrovska for help, whose three-year-old cat Belka had recently given birth to some baby cats. Without hesitating they accepted the squirrels as one of them ( maybe not a big surprise, because the name of mother cat Belka is the Ukrainian word for squirrel ;) )

Cats and squirrels are obviously healthy and happy together. As soon as the squirrels are grown up they will move into a small local zoo,
Karina Verngrovskato is working for, to live together with their conspecifics.

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Isn't it? What a cute, little family.

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