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F- Casey - lost

FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Sparks of hope (2 / 2)

Hello, my friends. And it's Sunday and Cazekiel-Day again. Time seems to run this year, already half of January is gone. Only one week to work and I will have two weeks off, yeah.

As promised, today the second chapter of the sequel I've written for naemis wonderful story - make sure that you did read it first.

Title: Sparks of hope (2/2) = sequel to Rehabilitation by naemi (make sure that you did read this first)
And here is the Link to chapter one
Fandom: The Faculty
Character: Casey, Zeke
Words: 2012
Rating: R
Disclaimer: as ever, I don't own The Faculty, neither the boys or any other person from the movie

You're a pretty boy, Casey, I guess he had ... special plans with you ...Collapse )