March 29th, 2015


FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Reboot Universe - Sister Hannah (2 / 3)

Hello everyone. Yes, it's this day again (time is running, isn't it?). So I want to wish all of you a great, relaxing sunday. And for the few of you who are still interested in Fandom: here is the next chapter of: Sister Hannah. I hope you will like.

What you should know about the Reboot-Universe:
This Universe is a x-over between The Faculty (movie) and Jeremiah (TV-series). You don't need to know anything about Jeremiah nor The Faculty to read these stories, but if you do some elements will be quite familiar for you. Please notice: Not movie conform.

Short summery: Casey had been able to fight the alien-queen who tried to take over the world, but her death released a virus which killed almost everyone older than twenty. Life has changed a lot for those who were able to survive, also for Casey & Zeke.

For the first Chapter: go here (I know, some of you have missed it ;) )
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Title: Reboot - Sister Hannah (chapter 2 / 3)
Fandoms: Crossover - The Faculty / Jeremiah
Character: Zeke
Rating: PG13
Summery: about the downfall from the old world and the start of a new one
Disclaimer: Neither The Faculty nor Jeremiah are mine, of course ;)

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