February 8th, 2015


FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Reboot Universe - Fever (1 / 2)

First of all I want to wish a 'Happy Sunday' to all my LJ-Friends. I hope you do enjoy your day.

Oh, it's so long that I made a post for Cazekiel-Day. Poor Boys, they deserve better ;) But I really hope the writing mood is willing again and I will be able to do this more often in the future.

For today another story from my 'Reboot-Universe' - I hope you can still remember. It's actually not a WIP but stories, ficlets, drabbles written for this special universe, a x-over between 'The Faculty' and 'Jeremiah' - of course with the main focus to the boys ;) Yoo don't need to read all of them though there is a 'red line' the stories are following.

What you should know about the Reboot-Universe:
Casey had been able to fight the alien-queen who tried to take over the world, but her death released a virus which killed almost everyone older than twenty. Life has changed a lot for everyone who was able to survive, also for Casey & Zeke.

If you want to read the other stories first klick: here

Title: Reboot - Fever (chapter 1 / 2)
Fandoms: Crossover - The Faculty / Jeremiah
Rating: R
Summery: about the downfall from the old world and the start of a new one
Disclaimer: Neither The Faculty nor Jeremiah are mine, of course ;)
Author's Note: This is a story from my AU crossover universe 'Reboot'. You don't need to know anything about Jeremiah nor The Faculty to read these stories, but if you do some elements will be quite familiar for you. Not movie conform.

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