November 1st, 2013

FanFiction - Casey & Zeke - Angels & Demons (written for the C/Z Halloween Grab Bag)

Well, I didn't sign up for the Halloween Challenge for some good reasons.

1. I'm not a great fan of Halloween
2. I'm not good with writing Halloween fics
3. I'm slow with writing lately and missed most of the challenges I wanted to participate
4. I'm slow with reading too - but I will come back to all your stories, promised.

Then ... out of the blue ... it happened that an idea crossed my mind ... a bit too late, of course ;) But if you don't mind to read another Halloween Story, here we go.

First of all my Thank You goes to aliensouldream for organizing this again. I hope you don't mind when I use your banner although I didn't sign up before and I'm a day belated with posting.

Second: the story is a x-over The Faculty / Supernatural. It's based on one of my favourite episodes of Supernatural, so, if you are familiar with this TV series you might discover some analogies. I hope you don't mind.

Title: Angels & Demons
Fandom: The Faculty / Supernatural
Rating: R
Summery: It happens at a Halloween Night ...
Disclaimer: The Faculty and Supernatural are not mine, of course ;)

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