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FanFiction - Supernatural - Four short ficlets

Today I will re-post some short Supernatural comment fics I've written for comment_fic and fffc. I hope you will like.

Prompt: Comfort
Characters: Dean / Castiel
Words: 45

Castiel was sitting at the bedside of Dean for hours now, hoping that he might wake up. But deep inside he knew well enough that his company wouldn't be enough to work this wonder. All Dean needed was his brother, but Sam was gone forever.


Prompt: Ghost Shark
Character: Dean
Words: 274

Still shaking Dean closed his eyes and pulled his little brother into his arms. That had been close; almost too close. He didn't want to think about it what this ... thing ... the ghost shark ... would have done with Sam if he hadn't come back in time.

His father had warned them not to leave the shabby cabin. But the comic he was reading had been boring and Sammy was asleep, so he did sneak away to the nearby gas station. Only for some minutes, but when he did come back, Sammy was gone.

He did found him at the small lake, he was standing on the beach, staring over the water. It had taken some time until Dean had realized what was going on. The ghost shark, his dad was hunting, had found them; a blurred, grey, enormous body, black eyes full of hate.

Never before Dean had felt so much panic, inwardly he cried for his dad. He would know what to do, Dean didn't. But he had forced himself to stay calm, to pretend to know what he did. He was the hunter today. If he would fail it wouldn't only mean certain death for Sammy but for him, too.

The sharp voice of his father tore him out of his paralysis.
"What's going on?"

"Just a nightmare," he murmured.
"Everything is okay."

He took Sammy onto his arms to bring him back to bed and when he felt his arms around his neck, his warm breath, his still wet face ... and his heartbeat ... he knew that it was the truth, at least for the moment.


Prompt: payback
Characters: Sam; Gabriel
words: 47

He had thought about it all the time, what he would do with him when they met again; after all he had done to Dean, he hated him with all his heart; but when it finally happened the archangel looked so miserable that Sam only could feel pity.


Prompt: risky game
Characters: Sam; Gabriel
words: 10 x2

It was a risky game they were playing, but that actually was the reason why they enjoyed it even more.
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